Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Chiropractic Philosophy

Though you may not have control over the length of your days, you do have a great deal of control of how those days will be spent. Yes, some will say 'why try, life is determined by genetics'. This statement is not quite accurate. Of course there is a portion controlled by your make up, all will agree, but a great deal of you life is controlled by how you choose to live it: So live it well.


Even though you may be experiencing pain, discomfort, or more serious health problems, it is your approach to healing, that is your attitude, your faith and belief, your tenacity, your integrity about honoring yourself that count tremendously.

The positive attitude of believing in one's self, believing in health and wellness wins. This quality and discipline of mind is the 'special something', that unique ingredient which when in place, represents the 'key' to success.

Attitude is the secret to both physical and spiritual wellbeing; it is the one string you have been given in life that you can actually play; It is the one string that you can tune when it seems to go flat, or sharp.
I am personally convinced that attitude about life determines the live we live. Attitude is reflected in your every choice. Small choices made on a regular basis make a huge difference in the quality of life that will eventually be experienced.


Striving for healthy living, and striving for a healthy radiating life is a journey. It's a journey of a lifetime, not a destination: Please know that looking for a destination fails miserably.
A destination is seen as follows. One has convinced themself that if they "feel ok" they "are ok" so then if they have a problem, say headache, the destination is relief from the headach, and asprin removes the symptom, the erroneous conculsion is that health has now returned. This is simply not true and will open the door for health problems to take hold and eventually ruin ones life.

Health is not simply the removal of a symptom, but the experience of well being on all fronts. There is also responsibility with improved health: Health like love is something that grows when shared, so when you're on the path and feeling better, pass your knowledge on to those in need. Our society is in a crisis of poor health, we need to share good news. God knows bad news abounds.

'Anything in life you want to keep you must maintain and support'. When I was first beginning in practice, I would say 'anything mechanical must be maintained or it will break down'. I 'd say this because I was thinking how incredibly complicated the spine was as a mechanical structure, and that it needed maintenance and support, like anything mechanical: for example your teeth, a car you want to keep, or a plane you choose to fly.

But, after repeating this phrase a while, it hit me. I realized that the principle of 'ongoing maintenance and support' is true for anything we desire to keep in life: be it friendship, love, things you own, things you care about.

The principle is universal: 'anything in life you want to keep you must maintain and support'. For example, do you want more flexibility, that is a daily choice, it is not an event. Are you interested in more friendships? Why not regularily engage in the activities that support friendship?
I believe the important point that needs to sink into our lives is this : What we think about comes about: This is true at a very fundamental level. The corollary truth is also obvious; 'that which you fail to nurture will die'. Interpersonally, the old phrase 'distance makes the heart grow fonder' is just not true, unless it is fondness for someone else: that which you fail to nurture will die; all plants need water.

Regarding health, if you truly desire better health, get on that path, and enjoy the adventure, or the corollary takes hold and you loose.

The imagery of an airplane gliding is instructional: Planes glide downward and therefore eventually crash. The point is that one must be actively engaged in health producing activities to experience true health: it is not a gift, life is a gift: What you do with that gift is a choice you alone can make, and that choice always requires sacrifice.


To desire something is only the beginning. If desire is not met with intention, activity, and commitment, desire it is nothing more than dreaming. Dreams plus activity towards the dream are what make dreams come true.

In my life I have observed that the healthier we are the more we desire activity, the more we desire involvement, the more we desire relationship; to nurture, to love, to give of ourselves, and the more we act.

Yes, we have all been hurt, and as time passes, chances are we will be hurt again. Life is filled with pain, and yes there is a time for healing and reflection, but courage is found in the person willing to forgive, to get up, and to try again.
Your health is a journey, but that doesn't mean it is an easy journey. Anything worthwhile is worth fighting for, comitting to, and being responsible about achieving.
As I understand it we cannot escape struggle. Struggle is central to the human experience. The question is do we struggle with faith, or do we struggle with complaints, fears, and loss. We all will struggle, but how we struggle defines our character, and our sense of happiness.


You're in for the ride of your life when you recognize health is a journey and not a destination. Electing to incorporate natural, health enhancing principles will strengthen your system, and, the best part is the activities are fun, safe, and will cause no harm!

A strengthened system allow for greater flexibility and adaptability to environmental stress, and interpersonal stress; this resilience is the essence of improved function and well being, at all levels.

I'd like to reitterate that I believe your attitude is the secret to both physical and spiritual wellbeing; it is the one string you have been given in life that you can actually play; It is the one string that you can tune when it seems to go flat, or sharp.

Striving for healthy living, and striving for a healthy, radiating life is a journey, a journey that begins with your attitude saying 'lets get started'. Vibrant health, It's a journey, a journey of a lifetime. It is not a destination.

We instinctively know that no drug or 'treatment' has ever healed anyone of anything; it is the body that heals, and, the body heals in its own time.

By strengthening the body's inate foundation for health and healing, you strengthen your capacity and remove the roadblocks to optimal life expression. The bottom line is right attitude creates right choices.

Of course our commitment at Back Health Plus is to help those with specific complaints to achieve resolution of the symptoms they present with. But then, for those interested in the next level of health commitment, we work towards establishing a sustainable action plan, and to coach you to your best.

With power packed information, plus many unique techniques, along with training in 'home care', we believe we can debunk many of the closely held 'myths' and show the way to providing a foundation for taping the greatness of the power within you.


You are at the doorstep to giving yourself a greater capability for health, without the drawbacks of drugs, or surgeries. When you choose to engage your path to sustainable health, we want to be there and encourage you onward: YES, we can help.

Regarding money, our financial goal is to work in a cost effective and powerful fashion for your best good, believing the wise Biblical principle of 'that which you sow you shall also reap". Why not sow commitment, concern, optimism and reap love, respect, friendship and improved health. We are only given a short time for living on this earth, let us live it well. Dr. Robert Kelley

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Creation vs. Chaos

Beginning the conversation is the first step to an outcome. Now a successful outcome has stipulations attached, whereas simply accepting what shows up is the lowest common denominator, and requires no effort at all: But, it's end is chaos.

To live life intentionally requires planning, and then mixing the plan with faith. (Faith may be a deeply held belief that the existence of your outcome is birthed, and growing in strength that you support and defend)

When a plan has been formulated, at that point, all other considerations must dissolve or be merged in a congruent way with the plan, or one's plan morphs into a double minded quandary that will suck energy and eventually collapse for lack of intention, leaving destruction in its path: This will add to chaos.

Creating outcomes that find energy within a plan will establish purposes which enhance the intent of the desired end, the purpose filled outcome. The make-break point seems to be this question: what are you willing to sacrifice for the good of the plan, or the completion of the end desire.

The reason for this demand, is that in nature as well as in a spiritual sense, all effort requires sacrifice. Nothing survives without the ongoing attention and support to sustain and grow. This is true if the plan relates to a relationship, a business goal or whatever.

Anything in life that requires sustained intention involves sacrifice. Sacrifice always creates a struggle: We agonize with sacrifice. The point of courage then is to struggle and agonize with faith, rather than to struggle and agonize with complaints: One way leads to life, the other to chaos and death. To then agonize over the struggle is the path of foolishness, as struggle and wrestling with the issues of life remains regardless of your intent or desire.

All planning that produces a creative, successful outcome requires sacrifice, and all sacrifice wrestles with faith to become, and it is therein a nobility of purpose is birthed. All sacrifice is confronted with the never ending life of struggle, generally it is a struggle with a demanding force to stop. Ergo, by default, purpose which wrestles with self-interests, complaints, doubts, become destroyers of character which find an end in internal chaos, and a failed plan. This purpose has in fact stopped as well, and in both cases the creative process dissolves into chaos.

Our primordial heart beat, cries out that we utilize the creative process which is our gift to life. Want a successful outcome? Wrestle with the giving of yourself sacrificially. The problem is that to live with sacrifice, and to live that intention successfully requires hope. Hope that you decide will not fail: it is all up to you. Hope, the belief that your act of faith towards a specific end will manifest; it is the newborn that must be protected. The war hardened spirit of sacrifice is the protector of hope. Now if faith and hope are the essence of success, is it in this that reason and wisdom are birthed, and a new existence presents to await your acceptance. Is it all predicated on hope, hope which is birthed in a primordial heartbeat that echoes from ages past, a heart beat of an eternal love being expressed?

Robert Kelley, DC